Extreme Media Productions is ready to help with all your legal video needs.

  • Video Depositions
  • Day-in-the-life-of Videos
  • Settlement Documentaries
  • Incident Scene Video
  • Video Wills

The quality of a videotaped deposition can have an impact with a jury. Extreme Media Productions uses broadcast quality cameras, audio and lighting to make your deposition look professional.

The deponent and attorneys wear top-quality microphones for clarity. The audio is split to keep the deponent one channel and the attorneys on a separate channel. Extreme Media Productions also uses muslin backdrops so nothing distracts from the testimony.

Depositions are delivered on DVD and can be converted into various video file formats so they can be played on laptop and desktop computers and embedded into presentations.

A Day-in-the-Life video is a court admissible video admitted into evidence used during testimony. It is used to illustrate the daily struggles of a plaintiff. This video usually does not include commentary, but is narrated live from the witness stand. Extreme Media Productions taps our years in television news storytelling to accurately capture the plaintiff’s day without staging events. We follow the subject in the course of their day and ask them not to accommodate their schedule based on the video. We will want to talk to the deponent at least a week prior to the Day-in-the-Life video shoot to outline what is planned.

A settlement documentary is similar to a Day-in-the-Life video, but gives you the flexibility to tell a compelling story. When you take your case to mediation, a settlement documentary is used to show the other side exactly what they will be facing in court if they choose to go to trial. In addition to a Day-in-the-Life video, Extreme Media Productions will use interviews, scene photographs, medical records, television news coverage, 911 calls and deposition testimony.

Settlement documentaries can not be used during a trial. It does, however, give you leverage to help you reach a settlement quicker.

These videos can take weeks to compile based on the amount of material you want to use.