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Video Depositions
A video of your deposition takes the words from the transcript and brings them to life for a jury or judge to see. A witness’s body language, where they pause, or their demeanor can change the impact the testimony has in written form. Video depositions are also useful when a witness is unavailable to appear in court. EM Legal Video Services can also sync the transcript with the video to help you quickly find specific portions of the testimony.

Mediation Documentary
With decades of television news experience, EM Legal Video Services are experts in telling emotional stories that grab attention. That resource can make your Mediation Documentary the best tool going into mediation hearings. A compelling documentary can help you settle cases quicker and increase maximum damages. Medication Documentaries strengthen your case to opposing counsel and insurance adjustors. These videos are produced specifically for mediation and are not admissible in court.

Wrongful Death Documentary
As an attorney representing a family in a wrongful death case, your job is to properly convey who the person was and the impact their loss has had only family and friends. We can help you tell that person’s story, what made them unique, and how the loss has impacted those around them. We also share what potential that person had in life.

Day-in-the-life Video
Testimony on the stand can be moving, but showing a jury how a person struggles in daily life can be powerful. EM Legal Video Services follows the victim around on a typical day and documents the simple things you and I take for granted, such as getting out of bed or trying to eat. When a jury sees first-hand those daily struggle, they get a keen insight on the impact of an accident due to someone else’s negligence.

Accident Reconstruction
Accident sites can be complicated. Unless a person travels the same intersections as the victim, it can be hard to visualize what would have gone wrong. We can help you show intersections, obstacles that may get in the way, and piece together visually what happened.

Site Inspections
Sometimes evidence is too big to bring into the courtroom. Whether it is too big to transport or can’t be removed from its location, it still holds valuable information for your case. EM Legal Video Services can capture the evidence, along with an expert inspecting the evidence and offering insight into any flaws and/or defects. This inspection video can be shown to a jury to help them better understand your case and arguments.

Construction Documentation
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the adage goes. It can be wise to head off legal trouble before it begins. EM Legal Video Services can video segments of the construction process for your client to document everything has been done according to permits and laws. If legal action arises in the future, this video can be used to prove how procedures were followed and dispute any false claims.

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