Extreme Media Productions goes beyond the business of producing videos. We take pride in being the best story-tellers possible. Having spent several decades in television news, we understand the difference between presenting a “just the facts, ma’am” video versus a story that compels the viewer to stop and take notice. A TV news consultant once got our attention when he said “the heart long remembers what the brain quickly forgets.” It completely changed how our approach to story telling. Yes, the “5 W’s” (who, what, when, where and why) are important, but that’s not what people always remember.

We are still driven to be great story tellers. When we meet to discuss your video project, we will ask a lot of questions. What is your need for a video? How do we effectively identify where the story is? Who is the person can tell the story with impact that people will remember? And while most video production companies will make your video longer, we understand that helps increase the final bill. That’s not how we operate. We think long term. We want you to call us for your next video project  Our philosophy is to say the most with the least. Give you a strong video meets your needs and gets the results you want. People will only focus on a video for so long; we don’t want to waste any precious time or resources on a video that does not meet your mission.

As you may have already seen on our website, we has earned the FAA Part 107 pilot certificate rating. We can fly drone commercially for hire. We take every precaution necessary to ensure safety comes first, not just to people on the ground but also other aircraft. We want to get the best shots possible, but we will not great any regulations or compromise safety to get it. Our Part 107 Remote Pilot license is available for inspection. We are also insured for liability purposes and can add your organization to that policy.

Extreme Media Productions president and owner Richard Edmund is a South Carolina native who made his way from radio to television in 198-something. He has been fortunate enough to interview presidents, pop stars and people in general. In 1996, he became an Emmy-award winning journalist, a trophy handed to him by comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

We would be honored to sit down and discuss your video project. Shoot us an email or give us a call anytime. Television news taught us there are no real “business hours.”