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At Extreme Media Productions, we are driven to be great storytellers. Our Emmy-award winning staff,with decades of experience in television news, knows everyone has astory. It’s our job to find the story and tell it in a way that achieves your desired mission. Anyone with a camera and editing software can promise to deliver you a video. But when it’s done, does it accomplish your goals and have the impact that benefits your organization? Most likely not.

Extreme Media Productions began in 2003 with the mission to be unique. We want to do more than produce videos. We want to tell stories that have an impact and make a difference. We want to be your premiere video production partner that listens to why you need a video and then produce one that reaches that goal. Since 2003, we have worked with great companies and organizations on projects that go beyond a video that touts statistics and percentages. Sure, you want others to know why you are great. But honestly, how many people will remember those numbers after they watch the video? Our unique approach will help others know why you are great and how you are making a difference in the community.

In 2014, we saw a change in technology we knew would have a big impact on video production – drones. While manner questioned the feasibility of the new aerial platform, we realized it would be a game changer and quickly began to embrace the technology and incorporate into our workflow. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also took notice of the new technology and did not waste any time putting regulations into place to keep airspace safe for other aircraft. Extreme Media Productions was the first company in South Carolina to receive an FAA exemption to fly drones for commercial use. We were also one of the first to earn the FAA’s Part 107  pilot certification for commercial drone flight.

Extreme Media Productions is eager to partner with you and tell your story. We have worked on projects that have been shown at private gatherings to internet campaigns to reach a wider audience. During the process, we ask a lot of questions to make sure we are producing a video that meets your needs and nets the desired outcome.

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